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May. 8, 2010 - "Secret Love" premiered at the Seoul Media

According to South Korean media reports, the movie "Secret Love" cast on the 15th king of miles in Seoul CGV theater premiere at the media and press appearances, video film production Yoo Ji-tae, Yoon Jane Ray attended the live event. In addition, many Korean artists have also been invited to view films before, including Yoo Ji-tae's girlfriend Jin Xiaozhen and show love with Hye Sun, Kim Ha Neul and other popular stars all showed up to cheer for the publicity, the scene can be described as a star-studded.

After the premiere, organizers will arrange a press meet. Yoo Ji-tae, Yin Zhen Xun Liu Shui and film director in full to the scene.Dell laptop battery Rui Zhen Yin admitted at a press conference too excited because of his led to tension in the night before the premiere to not sleep. She was also part of the movie Sex in his views, she said, "the film before I was attracted by the script and role to decide in this movie, but the relationship may be the film genre, and now all eyes seem to have Sex in part focused on the expense of emotional opera. (media) to hang out but I think the expectations of especially heavy burden. "

On the other hand, Yoo Ji-tae in the film, who played two roles in a very cause for concern. He also complained bitterly to reporters, said the twins played hard. acer 5520 lcdx431He said that "these two roles as both sides of the same coin, both have the same point of difference. During the filming I always worried how to make the two roles to show different feelings. At this point directed to a lot of help, he used a lot of dialogue to help me solve this problem. "

"Secret Love" about a pair of twin brothers, the younger brother in London and evidently not the love story between the subject matter is controversial, it has been in South Korea on the network to spark discussion.hp laptop keyboard Yin Zhen Rui in the movie "Secret Love" in the role of Yan in Iraq with her husband after a car crash into a trance, with her husband's twin brother (Yoo Ji-tae decoration) both fall in love.

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May. 3, 2010 - "Fierce the west wind"

Recently, called Wind Series Part II of the "west wind strong" end of the Dunhuang shooting, he moved to Hong Kong, cooked in a heavy head, "shooting." Mysterious return to work of Xia Yu, who plays a killer in the movie, but directed the high group not only have one kind of book requires tough fierce temperament, but also a fit with the mood. It is reported that "strong west wind," written personally by the writer and the high group directed, with predecessor "wind" is different, the film is not a spy war films, but rarely seen hardcore gangster action movie, such subject matter prolific in Hollywood, such as the classic work "Daohuo Xian." In the film side of the strong support of the high group the book is license to shoot for six months, finally close to closing off filming in Hong Kong, and was recently exposed film Highlights.

Xia Yu change ruthless war gunfire Hong Kong

"Strong west wind," shot in the streets of Hong Kong is a heavy head, "shooting" game. This is Xia Yu Yuan Quan from his wife's first job after childbirth scene, Xia Yu "scar face" a ruthless malignant influences.HP Pavilion zv5000 Keyboard|HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard|laptop keyboard|HP Laptop keyboard| HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard| Compaq M2000 Keyboard| It is reported that, in this drama Xia Yu plays a killer, a gunman entered the restaurant, shot at close range in broad daylight assassination of the object. "Action should be sharp enough, tough enough." Eliminate the scene gestures with his prop gun.

This play not only the assassination gunfire flavor, a few days shooting in Hong Kong can be said also generous. Famous King's letters to Murray House floor crew, Wan Chai, the Feng Jie work downtown, even the Kowloon Tong station does not let go. While Eastern Hollywood Hong Kong gangster action movie rich, but also has no shortage of street-real locations, but the mainland into Hong Kong filmmakers, shooting cops and robbers theme, still quite fresh.

High-group book: People than the "wind" is more exciting

"Assassination" on-site, Xia Yu expression is very solemn, occasionally revealing look tense, his right hand from time to time, "strange" twitch. According to reports, this is the first summer rain pile killer "business",Dell Inspiron 1501 Adapter|HP 417220-001 Adapter|Dell inspiron 1300 AC Adapter|Compaq keyboardHP/Compaq Laptop keyboardHP/Compaq Laptop keyboard|Compaq M2000 Keyboard| the director of books and demands high performance of the tension out of an uncontrolled, "killer ordinary people, they certainly have their own emotional and psychological." Claiming to like snoop human The director believes that "no matter how corrupt a person, he has a yearning for a bright instinct." However, completely into the role of the state's summer rain still sighed, "The killer good speech."

First starring action film, Xia Yu not only changed the image of the past, even the performers have been completely brainwashed. "Get rid of your college gas, reducing the true you, with your true feelings to interpret most of this role." This is the director of the summer rain performance requirements. Character actor adept at digging, in box office hits such as "wind" in a number of successful word of mouth shape the role of books and said This time high "strong westerly winds," the characters are to inject more ink. Compared with "wind" and "Yin", he said, he preferred masculine, tough, "blood spraying to Zhang, tragic enough, tough enough vicious." Which will be reflected in characters who.

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